This is the architectural study of the residence of a doctor with his wife in the area of Papagou, Attica. The study concerns the addition in height on the 2nd floor, of a total area of 82 sq.m. The original ground floor building was built in 1958, while the addition of the first floor in 1983.

The main goals in the design were the full exploitation of the roof, with their beneficial orientation, creating microclimates, and the creation of a bright and airy apartment through the 'open plan' and the inclination of the roof towards the horizon. The staircase makes a step backwards in the B level, with its main purpose, the avoidance of the creation of another compact and static volume of the staircase, but also the harmonization of the two new elevated volumes - the house and the staircase. The 'planted roof' as a successful thermal insulation for the house and at the same time the perimeter planter, offer the neighborhood and the users of the building a more 'green' treatment of the newly built buildings in the urban fabric, which is followed in developed countries in recent years around the world.

  • Papagos, Athens
  • 82m²
  • 385m²
  • Division Architects, Loukas Mitsonis Architects
  • 2015
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