Our goal is the form of the new building to meet the requirements of aesthetics in terms of the relationship and composition of the volumes, the appropriate building materials and the configuration of the facades, in order to harmonize with the traditional character of the area and not to the detriment of environment. We tried to achieve the division of the single building volume, and so the two-storey building will consist of individual rectangular volumes, with a patio in the middle to form the main entrance to the building.

The surrounding area will be properly shaped in relation to the natural ground, so that it is possible to configure the external stairs that will facilitate the smooth access to the uncovered building by the owners in all areas and at all levels of the garden.

  • Mavrovouni, "Agadeika", Gythio, East Mani
  • 220m²
  • 9440m²
  • Loukas Mitsonis Architects
  • Loukas Mitsonis Architects, K. Dentakos
  • Loukas Mitsonis Architects
  • 2022
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  • Mani_paradosiaki_katoikia_mavrovouni_right_1.jpg
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